Post Procedure Instructions

After any dental work procedures, it is common to have sensitivity and mild swelling.  The longevity of this can range from days to weeks depending on the procedure.  Here are some recommendations for various procedures.

Fillings Tylenol and/or NSAIDS (e.g. ibuprofen, naproxen) work great for mild/moderate pain and swelling.  Use as instructed on the label.  After a week, virtually all symptoms should subside.  If you are having pain for more than a week, when biting down on your fillings, please call the office so an adjustment can be scheduled.  Fillings that are too high can cause hot/cold sensitivity.

Crown/bridges-  The same medications listed under the subheading 'Fillings' (above) is recommended.  Crown and bridge work is a more invasive procedure so sensitivity is common.  If your work is being sent to a dental lab, it is routine to have a temporary crown placed on your tooth for 1-2 weeks.  The temporary crown acts as a 'band aid' for the area undergoing construction.  Gentle brushing is okay but no flossing should be done around your temporary crowns, as this can cause the temporary crown to come off.  If such things do occur, do the following:  (1) clean the inside of the temporary crown the best you can. (2) Place a thin layer of vaseline or temporary crown cement (CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid have this) on the inside of the temporary crown.  (3)  Dry the tooth as best as possible and place the temporary crown on the tooth and hold w/ firm pressure for a few minutes. (4) gently wipe away excess cement with a cotton swab (Q-tip).

In some circumstances when the prepped tooth is short in stature, having the temporary crown stay in place for 1-2 weeks is nearly impossible.  If no sensitivity is occurring or the sensitivity is manageable, you can leave the temporary crown off.  In such cases, keep the tooth as clean as possible and avoid hard consistency foods in the area.  Cavities will not form on the tooth within 1-2 weeks, so don't be alarmed.  If you still have concerns, please call the office.

Once your permanent crown is delivered, virtually all sensitivity should dissipate with 1-2 weeks.  Crown work commonly needs to be adjusted after delivery.  If symptoms such as cold or hot sensitivity are occurring 1-2 weeks later please contact the office as an adjustment to the crown may be necessary.  

Full and Partial Dentures-  It is common for denture patients to develop small sores in the mouth after wearing  a new or partial denture.  Typically 1-2 adjustments need to be performed after denture delivery.  Call the office if a sore spot develops so that the denture can be adjusted.

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